May 14, 2009


Ayat Seribu Dinar

Ayat Seribu Dinar
Maksudnya ialah : "Barangsiapa bertakwa kepada Allah, nescaya Dia akan mengadakan baginya jalan keluar.Dan memberi rezeki kepadanya tanpa di sangka-sangka.Dan barangsiapa yang bertawakal kepada Allah, nescaya Allah akan mencukupkannya.Sesungguhnya Allah melaksanakan urusan yang dikehendakiNya.Sesungguhnya Allah telah mengadakan ketentuan bagi tiap-tiap sesuatu."


( i )  PULANGAN  TUNAI SEBANYAK RM10,500.00 , 
       ( ii ) PRODUK EASYPHA-MAX SEBANYAK RM7,500.00 , DAN
( iii ) BONUS PENAJAAN SEBANYAK RM1,050.00 ...!
SEBANYAK RM18,000.00..! 


Tengku Iskandar : 013-959 3800  (sms 24 jam) - KUANTAN

Kamarul Azlan : 019-989 5461 (sms 24 jam) - KUANTAN

Tengku Daud : 014-822 8991 (sms 24 jam) - KUANTAN

Rohizad : 012-945 0026 (sms 24 jam) - KUANTAN

Rashidin : 019-658 6878 (sms 24 jam) - MUAR


fadhli : 012-9385436 / 013-9255497 - kuantan

ustaz fidi : 014-3962838 - kuantan

daniel : 016-6517574 - kuantan

syarifah fatimah : 016-2103269 - kuantan

abdullah sani : 017-9378884 - kuantan

mohd fadzli : 013-9800028 - kuantan

ibrisham : 012-9684079 - pekan

mohamad samazi : 012-9281480 - kuantan

khuzaimah : 019-9102164 - kuantan

omar jabal : 017-9037650 - johor bharu

mejar nik : 017-9161858 - kuala lumpur

mejar nik : 013-9665888 - kuala lumpur




easypha-max easyphamax
My EasyPha-Max Center

Skywheat Inc. a subsidiary of Easy Pha-max Marketing Sdn Bhd - INS Bioscience Group, which is the marketing and distribution arm of Easy Pha-max brand of health supplement in the local and international markets.


EasyPha-Max, EasyPhaMax, or Easy Pha-Max is leading in biotechnology of herbal health supplement. It is the marketing and distribution arm of Easy Pha-max brand of health supplement in the local and international markets. The parent company is listed on the MESDAQ market of Bursa Malaysia. It is principally involved in Biotechnology and Research & Development of herbal remedies as well as the cultivation, processing and manufacturing of herbs.

At TRUE EASY PHA-MAX, we offer a comprehensive line of herbal supplements for people who recognize their importance in improving general health and well-being. We understand that every individual has unique nutrition needs, and we provide products designed to help you incorporate meaningful changes in your lifestyle to achieve optimal health. Please browse our individual product pages for more in-depth natural herbal supplement information.

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Easy Pha-max Franchiser new investment plan

20 OCT PWTC More than 2000 Franchiser invest in Easy Pha-max New Cash Hub

More info login to http://biohealth.iloveblog.com


6 people die from diabetes every minute

Diabetics are up to 2.5 times more likely to go blind compared against the general population. The risk of amputation is even more pronounced, the risk is estimated to be up to 20 times higher than average. Diabetics are 2-3 times more likely to develop cardiovascular problems, and the risk of kidney failure is 17 times higher.

Choose Insupro Forte, the trusted and effective product

  • Insupro Forte is a high tech product that can improve the blood sugar level in 7-10 days of consumption.
  • Medically proven in more than 600 case studies in 20 hospitals to be effective in lowering the blood sugar level.
  • It had been proven by a research done by University Malaya to have similar effects to medicines used in diabetes treatment.
  • It can replace medicine in the treatment of diabetes (a clinical trial had verified that it has the same properties as Metformin, and is effective up to 86.68%)
  • Plant derived insulin
  • Naturally derived - safe and without side-effects
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A Potent Antioxidant for Fighting Degenerative Tissues and Organs

What causes cancer?

Cancer doesn't discriminate when it comes to race, sex or age ?anyone can get cancer. Cancer begins with damage (mutations) in your DNA. Your DNA is like a set of instructions for your cells, telling them how to grow and divide. Normal cells often develop mutations in their DNA, but they have the ability to repair most of these mutations. Or, if they can't make the repairs, the cells often die.

However, certain mutations aren't repaired, causing the cells to grow and become cancerous. Mutations also cause cancer cells to live beyond a normal cell life span. This causes the cancerous cells to accumulate. The initial genetic mutation is just the beginning of the process by which cancer develops. Scientists believe you need a number of changes within your cells in order to develop cancer, including:

  • An initiator to cause a genetic mutation. Sometimes you're born with this initial genetic mutation. Other times a genetic mutation is caused by forces within your body, such as hormones, viruses and chronic inflammation. Genetic mutations can also be caused by forces outside of your body, such as ultraviolet (UV) light from the sun or cancer-causing chemicals (carcinogens) in your environment.
  • A promoter to cause rapid cell growth. Promoters take advantage of genetic mutations created by initiators. Promoters cause cells to divide rapidly. This could lead to a tumor.
  • A progressor to cause cancer to become aggressive and spread. Without a progressor a tumor may remain benign and localized. Progressors make cancers more aggressive and more likely to spread. Like initiators and promoters, progressors could be inherited or they could come from environmental sources.

Your genetic makeup, forces within your body, your lifestyle choices and your environment can all set the stage for cancer or help complete the process once it's started. For instance, if you've inherited a genetic mutation that predisposes you to cancer, you may be more likely than other people to develop cancer when exposed to a certain cancer-causing substance.

The genetic mutation begins the cancer process, and the cancer-causing substance could play a role in further cancer development. Likewise, smokers who work with asbestos are more likely to develop lung cancer than smokers who don't work with asbestos because the two carcinogens both play roles in cancer development.

Pro-Can is an exceptional high quality, high absorbable nutritional supplement for those at risks, designed to prevent or slow down occurrence of chronic diseases such as cancer, abnormal cell growth; thus promotes well being of an individual.

- Prevents Genetic Mutation
- Strengthens self-repair ability of gene
- Facilitates blood circulation
- Improves brain functions
- Facilitates metabolism
- Increases immune ability
- Rejuvenates skin

More info please refer here

Easy Pha-max Malaysia

Easy Pha-max Marketing Sdn Bhd is the subsidiary of INS Bioscience, which is the marketing and distribution arm of Easy Pha-max brand of health supplement in the local and international markets.

Easy Pha-max, among others, is leading in the biotechnology of herbal health supplement. Drawing from the success of its Wheatgrass products, Easy Pha-max has expanded its range of wheatgrass based health supplements to include functional foods, meal replacement drinks for slimming products, trimming products, personal care and skin care products as well as the Bio-Herbs health supplement to meet the accelerating demand for herbal health supplements around the globe.

Easy Pha-max benefits from the operations of its parent company ?INS Bio which is listed on the MESDAQ market of Bursa Malaysia. It is principally involved in Biotechnology and Research & Development of herbal remedies as well as the cultivation, processing and manufacturing of herbs.

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May 12, 2009
Easypha-max Products

wheatgrass honey

beautiful cordyce...

so man set (1 & 2)

resveratrol (30ml...

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May 11, 2009
Collaborate Partner

Collaborate Partner

In line with its aim to formulate and develop the best quality herbal
 health supplement products, INS Bioscience are collaborating with seven  universities and research centers in Malaysia, Japan and China, to conduct research and development as well as the experiments of new products with the guidance from the International Scientific Advisory Board (ISAB). The members of ISAB comprises of university's scientists experts from Malaysia, China, Taiwan and Switzerland.

Integrating the research findings with the world's top universities and
higher learning institutions, such as

Peking University,

Tsing Hua University,

China Agricultural University,

Hokkaido University,

University of Malaya,

University of Science Malaysia and

University of Putra Malaysia.

The products quality further assured by clinical tests endorsed by more than 100 professors, experts and scientists globally.

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May 10, 2009
Strategic Alliance Partners

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